Thank you for joining Paul Thompson of The Artisan Cheese Room for our masterclass with Julian & Alana Langworthy of Nocturne and Rob & Gen Mann of Corymbia.

Should you wish to order their wines to enjoy in the future, you’ll find a full listing below.

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2022 Nocturne 'SR' Rosé2022 Nocturne 'SR' Rosé$36.00
With an 88% share, Sangiovese is the hero of this wine, backed up with 8% barrel-fermented Tempranillo. Then we chucked in 4% Grenache, too. This wine, in keeping with the theme of our fouth sub-regional release, is different. It’s more Sangiovese-based and finer than in the past. That said the texture and structure are impeccable. Those who miss out on a magnum of this for their summer “A” list super-yacht regattas hold their vinous credentials too cheap. It is, as always, a pale salmon dream best drunk wearing white.
2022 Corymbia Chenin Blanc2022 Corymbia Chenin Blanc$36.00
2021 Nocturne 'SR' Chardonnay2021 Nocturne 'SR' Chardonnay$40.00
Nocturne SR Chardonnay is grown in Treeton. It’s a weird little area full of hillbillies, dairy cows and interestingly, some great Chardonnay vineyards. Cold at night, warm in the day with deep silver-grey sands that we think produce special Chardonnay. This wine is a combination of two awesome Treeton vineyards: Grace & White and Victory Point. This wine is, unsurprisingly, super cool yet different. It’s pale green, smells of white stone fruits and resolved sulphide and something non-Margaret Riveresque - something distinctly international on the nose. Maybe it’s season, maybe it’s terroir but it’s pretty fkn cool. As with every Nocturne wine the texture and flavour are to die for, impeccably framed by hallmark 2021 acidity and al dente phenolic structure. - Julian Langworthy
2021 Nocturne 'SR' Cabernets2021 Nocturne 'SR' Cabernets$40.00
Nocturne 'SR' Cabernets is grown in Yallingup, our stomping ground and where the world’s greatest Cabernet and Cabernet blends are being grown! The 2021 is 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30 % Merlot and 5% Malbec. While perhaps not a classic for the ages, I think - as Paul Keating said - this is the Cabernet we had to have. It has extreme drinkability and is a luncheon dream. Find me a steak-frites, a noisy restaurant and come on in, the water’s fine. A triumph of medium-bodied epicness, this is a wine so drinkable that light cannot penetrate its core. - Julian Langworthy
2021 Corymbia Cabernet Sauvignon2021 Corymbia Cabernet Sauvignon$71.00
It’s a graceful style of Cabernet, fine boned and fresh. Blackberry, strawberry, redcurrant, potpourri, slight smoky bacon bone character, and a sea spray/brine kind of thing. Tannin is tight with an emery board texture, subtle tobacco/leafy perfume, and a cool red fruited finish of excellent length, those high quality tannins really stretching it out. Subtle. Lovely. 95 points. Gary Walsh, The Wine Front