Tuck into these collabs and support our restaurant industry

We at CellarHand desperately wanted to do something to keep the fires burning among our friends in restaurants – and together with them, we hatched a plan that’s a win for them, for you the wine-lover, and for the growers in our portfolio.

Kicking off with the inaugural collaboration with Lord Cardigan in Melbourne’s Albert Park – and swiftly followed by Grossi, Caterina’s and Pizza Meine Liebe – we’ve put together specially curated six-packs where 20% of the value of each purchase goes straight back to the restaurant.

In addition to this, the restaurants are contacting their patrons directly with other suggestions on how you might enjoy the wines listed on this site while seeing much-needed dollars flow back to your favourite dining spots.

CellarHand was founded by a sommelier and is a business largely built on partnerships in Australia’s world-class restaurant scene. We’re immensely proud of these friendships – honoured, in fact to be part of the hospitality ecosystem – which makes it hard to witness the hardships suffered by this cornerstone of Australian culture.

So we want to celebrate and support these champions.

We invite you to please join us in that endeavour!

Check out the collaboration packs!

Lord Cardigan



Pizza Meine Liebe

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