Select imports celebrate friendship with James Halliday

CellarHand is proud to be featured in this month’s edition of Halliday Wine Companion magazine.

It’s an article marking the opening of this store – a new chapter for our company, which started out more than 20 years ago as a fine-wine importer and wholesaler.

A few months ago, we took the plunge to make more of these wines – handmade, family estate wares that you may have discovered while dining out at your favourite restaurants – available for you to drink at home.

We’re pleased to have opened the doors in this way.

As often happens when you embark on a new chapter, you tend to reflect on the key stepping stones of the past, and those who’ve cheered you along.

One such figure is James Halliday, our most revered wine writer. As CellarHand founder Patrick Walsh says, “James Halliday was always a supporter of what we were trying to do and said some nice things early on, and we gained momentum from there.”

To mark this long friendship, we’ve put together a special pack comprising some imports James is particularly fond of. It gives a nice snapshot of our history, as well as providing some moving drinking!

If you subscribe to the magazine, you’ll have access to a coupon code for a special price on this pack. If not, hunt down a copy right away!

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