Is Jancis Robinson’s stemware the ultimate Father’s Day gift?

I don’t think that I’ve drunk from a glass that allowed me to pick out the nuances, flavours and details with such ease… It is a lovely glass from which to drink wine.

Morgan Dunn, The Australian

Want to make dad feel like king for a day? Well, here’s where wine’s Royal Highness can step in!

Jancis Robinson, the undisputed queen of wine writing, joined forces with hotshot product designer Richard Brendon to design her range of glassware. 

Fittingly the collaboration yielded the ultimate wine glass.
It’s a universal glass, too, meaning it makes everything – sparkling, still, dry, sweet, white, pink, red – smell and taste as immaculate as could be.
Ultra-fine, super elegant, stylish, lovely to handle and dishwasher safe… You couldn’t ask for more.

This magical range comprises a wine glass, a water glass and two decanters: One for breathing young wines, another for preparing aged wines for service.

The Range

Jancis Robinson Wine Glass Gift twin-pack $130
Gift six-pack $366

Precision-engineered to be the only stemmed glass you need to enjoy every wine at its best. This shape has been specially designed to maximise your enjoyment of all wines’ aromas, flavours and textures in the most practical way possible. Dimensions: 9cm diameter; height 22.4cm.

As versatile as it gets. As a water glass, it fits perfectly beside the wine glass. The shape of the bowl mimics the curvature of the wine glass, so it’s a perfect stemless wine glass. And then again, it’s the elegant solution for your G&T, Negroni, straight whiskey or whatever floats your boat. Dimensions: 9cm diameter; height 11.5cm.

Jancis Robinson Young-Wine / Magnum Decanter $185

A bold decanter for young wines needing aeration. The long neck allows for a strong grip so you can swirl the wine energetically, allowing oxygen to encourage a young wine’s evolution and mellow the flavours. As an important bonus, the bowl is also large enough to fit a magnum. Dimensions: 17cm diameter; height 23cm.

Jancis Robinson Aged-Wine Decanter $230

This bottle-shaped decanter allows you to decant a mature wine off its sediment while ensuring it isn’t exposed to too much harmful oxygen. The refined shape follows the form of the Wine Glass and the beautiful mouth-blown stopper adds an element of contemporary design. Dimensions: 9cm diameter; height 27.2cm.

The glass was great to use – more silk pyjamas than business suit. Wine in the Jancis Robinson glass tasted as good or better than the range of wines tasted in alternative glasses, although my judgement may have been influenced by the glasses’ lightness and almost sensual delicacy.

Huon Hooke

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