Celebration is a vital human ritual – even more so in the face of the kind of adversity that Covid presents.

CellarHand places great value on this ritual, and on wine’s place in heightening these precious occasions with friends and family.

Which is why we’d like you to be extra wary of likely delivery delays caused by an unprecedented strain on the logistics network.

We’ll do our level best to get your wine to you in time for your festive celebrations, and urge you to place orders with a greater lead time than you might imagine necessary.

The table below provides a guide to what you can reasonably expect.
We wish it were possible to be more definitive, and appreciate your support and understanding.

Celebrate well – we’re certain that you’ve earned it!


The CellarHand Team

*Melbourne MetroTuesday, 21st December
*Victoria RegionalTuesday, 14th December
*Sydney MetroMonday, 20th December
**NSW RegionalWednesday, 8th December
*Brisbane MetroMonday, 13th December
**Regional QueenslandWednesday, 8th December
*Adelaide MetroMonday, 13th December
**South Australia RegionalWednesday, 8th December
**Western AustraliaFriday, 3rd December
**TasmaniaFriday, 3rd December


*Order by close of business on this day and your wine should get to you in time for Christmas.

**We’ll do our best to get your wine to you before Christmas; however, due to the unpredictable nature of the delivery network we sadly cannot promise that your wine will arrive in time.

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