About Airlie Bank

Airlie Bank dares to treat drinkers with respect by delivering wines that are delicious and true – as well as remarkably good value. Tim Shand and the team enjoy freedom to push boundaries. Their small-batch ethos has led to a great deal of creativity and ever-decreasing doses of sulphur. Nothing is off the cards when they sniff an opportunity to make a more compelling wine, as demonstrated by its 100% whole bunch Cab Franc and goon-bag fermented Sauvignon Blanc. Pure drinking pleasure is the one-point manifesto of Airlie Bank, and the thirsty take-up across the board shows that they’re hitting the mark.

About Jarrod Johnson

Jarrod took over winemaking responsibilities at Airlie Bank in 2022 and it’s an incredibly exciting next stage of evolution for both Airlie Bank and this charming and affable Yarra Local.

Having completed a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and Technology, majoring in Winemaking and Viticulture from Latrobe University and Melbourne Polytechnic, Jarrod spent several years at Domaine Chandon learning the ropes, predominantly focused on making serious sparkling wine whilst being mentored by a phenomenal team of legendary Yarra winemakers. It was at Chandon that Jarrod learned the more ‘technical’ side of the winegrowing business before his talent and skills saw him lured away and onto a successful and fruitful stint at the Yarra icon that is Seville Estate. Working side by side with Dylan McMahon, together they made some incredible wines for the next 5 vintages.

Spending a significant time in the vines was an inspiring time for Jarrod, further cementing his belief that all great wines are made in the vineyard. The time at Seville Estate helped him to not only refine his palate and winegrowing skills, but also laid the foundations for the next stage of his winegrowing journey that has seen him land the exciting role at Punt Road and Airlie Bank and we can’t wait to see him continue the quality driven path that the team have forged over the last few decades of dedication to their patch of dirt up in the Yarra.