About Champagne Labruyère

Labruyère Champagne Grand Cru is the relatively young enterprise of top-flight French vignerons, the Labruyère family. The estate has almost 6 hectares located in Verzenay and Verzy, with holdings comprising 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay. In 1873, an unofficial ranking placed Verzenay among the top three crus in Champagne, which is why the Labruyères settled upon this village on the glorious Montagne de Reims for their Champagne adventure. Edouard Labruyère chose to apply in Verzenay the same techniques as in Meursault, both in the cellar and vineyard. Since 2012 he’s been working with Vincent Van Waesberghe, chef de cave and chef de vigne, and Nadine Gublin, oenologist from Domaine Jacques Prieur. The team picks a little later than most growers, works only with the cuvée and sends all base wines through malolactic conversion – making for a pure, profound and powerful style of Champagne.

About Nadine Gublin

Nadine has been oenologist at the Labruyère family’s Burgundy estate Domaine Jacques Prieur’s since 1990. She has been technical manager there since 2009, when she also took the same role at Domaine Labruyère in Moulin-à-Vent. Well-known among fine wine enthusiasts for many years, in 1998 she was name Best French Winemaker by the highly respected Revue du Vin de France. She is an advocate of sustained farming, precise winemaking and optimal ripeness.