About Domäne Wachau

Very much a revitalised wine estate, Domäne Wachau draws on some of the very best vineyard sites in the Wachau. It produces wines that are powerfully regional and offer outstanding value as an introduction to the great wines of the region. The Domäne Wachau Terrassen and single-vineyard wines are sourced from the best grapes grown on the steep terraces of the Wachau. These high-quality wines are vinified with conscientious focus on terroir and express the mineral character derived from the primary rock soils of the Wachau. They’re also some of the very best-value wines that we import.

About Roman Horvath MW

Before making his home in the Wachau, Roman worked in the wine trade as well as wineries in Chile and France. He was the second Austrian to successfully complete the prestigious MW course at the Institute of Masters of Wine in London. Roman joined the Domäne Wachau as winery director in 2004 where he has been responsible for the successful restructuring and strategic positioning of the winery. He also keeps very busy in his private life as a father who is proud of a daughter and twin boys, all of primary-school age.