About Georg Breuer

Georg Breuer was founded in 1880 by Peter Breuer, partner of the venerable German wine shipping firm Scholl & Hillebrand. It then passed to Peter’s son Georg and then grandsons Bernhard and Heinrich upon Georg’s death in 1978. The shipping firm was sold and during the 1980s and 1990s Bernhard and Heinrich carefully expanded the vineyard estate from 20 acres to its present 60 acres in the steepest, most well-drained vineyards of the Rheingau communes of Rüdesheim and Rauenthal. Bernhard Breuer was highly regarded internationally and worked tirelessly in defence of German viticultural integrity, earning credit for restoring Riesling’s respectability in world markets and writing authoritative books on Germany’s wine regions. Nowadays it’s Bernhard’s daughter Theresa who, alongside Hermann Schmoranz, honours her father’s memory by faithfully living up to his ideals. Production follows a strict terroir-based hierarchy for the production of elegant, naturally dry wines made from healthy Riesling grapes, right up to Breuer’s flagship crus: Rüdesheim Berg Schlossberg and the 12.5-acre monopole, Rauenthal Nonnenberg.

About Theresa Breuer

“This is not a hi-tech cellar. Art and craft are the guide,” says Theresa Breuer. Born in 1984 in the Rheingau, Theresa continues the relatively young winemaking tradition of her family in the fourth generation. After her father passed away suddenly in 2004 she worked herself into the winery and now manages the entire 34-hectare estate together with long-term winery manager Hermann Schmoranz and cellar master Markus Lundén. Theresa first started leading the coordination of production and marketing at Georg Breuer during her studies at the University of Oenology and Winemaking in Geisenheim. She also took the opportunity to work as an intern at Grosset in the Clare Valley during the 2006 harvest. To remain true to the tradition of the winery, she focuses on dry top Riesling wines from the unique terroir of the Rheingau valley.