About Thalia

Thalia is a joyful, elegant figure in Greek mythology and one of the nine Muses. She was a goddess of comedy, dance and idyllic poetry and was portrayed with a smiling mask and crown of ivy. Always one to incite laughter and joy, Thalia is the inspiration for this exceptional sparkling range which brings effervescent joy to any occasion.​

The Thalia sparkling range showcases vibrant, cool climate fruit sourced from only the best vineyards across the region. The wines are handcrafted using the traditional method, with minimal intervention and an unwavering dedication to quality – a true reflection of Tasmanian excellence.

About Liam McElhinney

Liam is the Marlborough-born genius behind some of the world’s most iconic Sauvignon Blancs, such as The Ned and Saint Clair. He has won numerous awards, including a Best in Show Trophy at the Decanter World Wine Awards. Liam is a cool climate winemaking expert with previous experience at New Zealand’s Marisco, Te Pa and Trinity wineries, as well as working in France, Canada and the United States.