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In the second of a series of restaurant collaboration packs, we’ve teamed up with Grossi Restaurants – the family behind Melbourne institutions such as Florentino, Merchant, Ombra and Arlechin, as well as Garum in Perth – to put together this enGROSSIngly drinkable six-pack.
Guy Grossi and CellarHand founder Patrick Walsh are contemporaries – born a year apart – and the two businesses have been deeply connected since CellarHand started out in 1999. Coincidentally, that was the same year the Grossi family took over the iconic, historic Florentino restaurant.
We’ve seen the next generation, Carlo and Loredana, continue the tradition of warm hospitality while their flair has kept the group at the cutting edge of Australia’s dining scene.
In addition to the wines, you’ll receive a recipe card for Grossi’s duck and porcini tortellini, which Carlo says goes down a treat with the Shadowfax Pinot Noir.