About Heartland

The cool climate of Langhorne Creek typifies Australia at its finest. Heartland grows and selects grapes with the most flavour per acre through careful vineyard management and years of collective expertise. The brilliant Ben Glaetzer gives focus and expression to these flavours in the winery. This results in wines of intensity, texture and balance. The Spice Trader blend and varietal reds offer delightful drinking and attractive, pure expressions of their cool-climate origins. The unique blend of Dolcetto & Lagrein captures the imagination with its freshness and intense cherry fruit. The new Director’s Cut Cabernet Sauvignon is rich and harmonious, like its multiple award-winning Shiraz counterpart. Heartland One is a sublime blend of intense Cabernet Sauvignon and lush Shiraz, creating the ultimate expression of Langhorne Creek.

About Ben Glaetzer

Ben Glaetzer has been making wines for over 20 years and his family history is intertwined with Australian wine making, and the Barossa Valley in particular. Indeed it was through the family connection of his uncle Johnny that Ben was introduced to the cool climate growing region of Langhorne Creek. This association has allowed Ben to explore completely new aspects of his winemaking abilities and create subtle, balanced reds with a true lightness of touch. Heartland sources all its grapes from Langhorne Creek, both from its own vines and those of old friends. The multiple awards and critical acclaim Heartland wines have attracted has been a bonus. The true pleasure is being part of one of Australia’s oldest and greatest regions and helping to showcase its great gifts to Australia and the world.