About Hunky Dory

Hunky Dory is produced by the Allan family based on the stony Rapaura area of Marlborough, close to the Wairau River. The family-grown, family-made wines are absolutely perfect for the barbecue or a long, slow lunch. They are great-value wines that show the full flavour and invigorating freshness for which Marlborough has won global fame. Hunky Dory vineyards and wine are fully certified organic with BioGro New Zealand.

About Claire and Mike Allan

Mike and Claire Allan were studying winemaking in Adelaide in 1990 when they scored vintage positions in Marlborough, Mike at Cloudy Bay and Claire at Corbans. They immediately fell in love with the beauty and energy of the region, and couldn’t resist when they saw an ad in the local paper for a block of land on an old apple orchard in Rapaura that “looked like heaven”. It took four years’ toil to get the apples out and the land ready for planting what has now become Huia. During that time, Mike deepened his relationship with the region at Cloudy Bay and Vavasour, while Claire went from Corbans to Lawson’s Dry Hills. By 1996, they had the estate up and running. “It was the vitality of the wines we tasted when we got to Marlborough that told us we were somewhere special,” says Mike, accounting for the motivation that got the place to the great shape it’s in today.