About Immel

Some might say we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to delicious Riesling, and all other things Germany, at CellarHand but every now and then some things are just too good to say no to. Such was the case when Leo Messe, export manager at Weingut Wittmann & Ansgar Clüsserath, excitedly pulled out some masked wines from Weingut Wittmann’s cellarmaster, Georg Rieser, under his exciting new Immel label. 

The Immels from the Rhine make up a network of families with roots in the region stretching back across more than seven centuries. Their history reads like a family epic: patricians in Worms, mayors of Oppenheim, affluent landowners in Westhofen. Here, in the rolling, chalky hills where the most precious vineyards in the region open imposingly towards the river, is where the Immel family in 1754 settled and bought land. The family was active in winegrowing from its earliest days in Westhofen, and nothing today has changed in that regard. With a feel for the soil, climate and nature, the young team of Immel continues a careful preservation and expansion of regional winegrowing tradition. They uphold a tireless commitment to controlled organic viticulture, certified by the EU Bio seal, thus preserving the green Hills of the Rheinhessen for many generations to come.

About Georg Rieser

The mastermind behind the IMMEL wine family is Georg RIESER, a Rheinhessen citizen by choice. His exciting biographical and professional background is the basis for a wine style that is both traditional and sustainable. Growing up in France and Germany, the great wine culture of the Grande Nation has also become part of his own DNA. The love of art, culture, craftsmanship and the joy of the intimate connection between wine and food inspire GEORG’s ideas around the Rheinhessen wines. As the father of two sons, organic viticulture is not only an important quality parameter of individual wines for GEORG, but also a promise to future generations. He has honed his craft with stints at winemaking luminaries such as Wagner-Stempel (Rheinhessen), Benjamin Leroux (Burgundy) and none other than Domaine Dagueneau (Loire Valley). The Rheinhessen is Germany’s largest wine producing region and it is thanks to producers like Philipp based in Westhofen (Southern Rheinhessen), Johannes Hasselbach from Weingut Gunderloch based in Nackenheim (Northern Rheinhessen) & Daniel Wagner at Wagner-Stempel (Western Rheinhessen), that the region has become a hotbed for young winegrowers keen to further explore & express the diverse nature, microclimates & the rolling hills of the region in the wines they produce.