About Louis Michel

The Michel family have been cultivating their passion for tradition and the Chablis terroir since 1850. The winery is situated in the heart of the village, with the 25-hectare vineyard spread over the very first slopes that were discovered by Cistercian monks in the 11th century. Forty years ago, the family decided to stop making the wine in wooden barrels, preferring to create clean, pure and precise Chablis without adding artificial woody tastes. Through this philosophy, combined with the limited yields inspired by organic winegrowing techniques, the domaine has developed a worldwide reputation for fine winemaking in stainless steel tanks. Today it’s Guillaume Michel who upholds the family tradition and further its reputation.

About Guillaume Michel

Guillaume Michel is the sixth-generation representative of a family which has been making wine since 1850. He was recently handed the reins by his uncle Jean-Loup Michel. Their philosophy is to impart as little interference as possible, with the two principal ambitions being to respect the environment and to reflect the terroir in their wines.