About Thierry Fournier

Theirry Fournier is one of the latest additions to the CellarHand family, and we are so excited to have them aboard!

Found in the western reaches of the Valle de la Marne in the Flagot Valley, Festigny is perhaps not the most recognised village in the region, but as with so many of the growers we are lucky to work with, this is a place where the vineyards do the talking. The history of the estate dates back to the 1930’s and to this day is 15ha of glorious vines, spread across 12 villages and a mind-boggling 45 different plots. Described by Champagne guru Peter Liem as ‘The Corton of Champagne’ the argilo-calcaire (clay over limestone) dominant slopes of Festingy also feature a high proportion of chalk which helps ensure the wines are rich and juicy as well as focused and energetic.

Pinot Meunier reigns supreme for the family making up 80% of their precious holdings, 50% of which are in and around the village of Festigny itself. Festigny has a hugely complex terroir, with the vineyards surrounding the village in a somewhat mushroom shape with multiple slopes, exposures and a mosaic of soil types – and it is this complex network of slopes, soils and microclimates that make Julien and Thierry tick. Standing with them in the vineyard is thrilling as they discuss and share stories about what makes each slope unique in what it brings to the final wines that the family produce.

About Julian Fournier

The super charming Julien Fournier (5th generation) and his partner Justine are the driving force behind the domaine and are… wait for it… merely 26 and 22 years old respectively! What these young heads lack in age they make up for with an intimate understanding of not only the slopes and soils of Festingy, but of the region as a whole. Julien’s mother and father, Thierry and Murielle, are still very much involved in the multi-generational business. Justine grew up in Champagne, where her family are farmers, and already has extensive experience under belt having worked with Henri Giraud in Äy before embarking on an internship in Singapore where she eventually meet Julien. The rest, as they say is history…..or perhaps more accurately…the future!