About Velich

The Velich name might seem familiar to those in the know….we are already incredibly privileged to represent the wines of Roland Velich & his Moric project, who is busy exploring and producing the best of the best that Bläufrankisch has to offer.
These terrific Velich wines on the other hand come from the cellars & vineyards of his family estate, and more specifically the hand of his brother Heinz Velich. The Velich property can be found in the village of Apetlon, in the Seewinkel area of Burgenland’s Neusiedlersee region. Originally planted by Otto Velich in 1933 it has been in the Velich family ever since. Heinz has been guiding the estate forward since the early 1990’s (originally alongside Roland) and in the ensuing 3 decades has dedicated himself to exploring, understanding & expressing the unique landscape where he farms his vines.

About Heinz Velich

Heinz Velich, who was named “Winemaker of the Year” by Falstaff in 2012, has been presiding over the family property for more than 3 decades.
Heinz is kown for not being a man of many words. Although he has long been considered one of the greats among Austria’s winemakers, his appearance is always modest. His words are carefully chosen. This trait is also evident in his wines. They are calm, at peace with themselves and have been produced with care. Velich gives them time and treats them with as much restraint as possible.