At Frankland Estate, curiosity and dedication defines their approachJudi Cullam and Barrie Smith’s journey at Isolation Ridge sparked a question: what practices best suit this land? Their children, Hunter and Elizabeth (along with husband and winemaker Brian Kent), continue this exploration. This latest release of wines reflects that ongoing evolution.

Achieving organic certification 15 years ago marked a new beginning. Organics are just part of the puzzle, and it takes time for the whole picture- the ecological and oenological implications of every act to emerge. This is where Hunter, Elizabeth and Brian’s focus has sharpened in recent years. Regeneration year on year and looking deeply and at great detail at every facet of the growing and winemaking cycle all with one question in mind; can we do better? Transitioning to biodynamic principles further deepened their understanding of these natural cycles, with the resultant wines showing even more energy, texture and complete than ever before. This dedication and close observations is what gives the team behind Frankland Estate such confidence in their wines…

“Confidence to let the Riesling develop into a deeper, far-reaching flavour spectrum and take on a firm, juicy texture, knowing the natural acidity will be there to propel it through the palate and sustain it as it ages. Confidence that SmithCullam Riesling’s off-dry balance will carry the Isolation Ridge Vineyard signature as surely as its counterpart while possessing its own singular thrill. Confidence that Mourvèdre will honour the grape’s earthy, rustic hallmark and the site’s rusty, ferrous character while bearing Frankland River’s floral, blue-fruit refreshment. Confidence that Syrah as pretty, alluring and slow-to-unfurl as this cool ’22 rendition has the substance, quiet strength and subtle threads to draw you back to the glass. And confidence that the innocence and purity of well-grown Cabernet Franc—all floral freshness, iodine-flecked flesh and polished tannins—can lead a “serious” wine such as ’21 Olmo’s Reward. Confidence, in fact, that all these wines can be stimulating, surprising and enduring without heft or haughtiness.” – Frankland Estate

We are very much looking forward to this latest release, a coherent story from vine to glass, from nose to finish.

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