Theresa Breuer’s Rheingau collab with two winemaker mates

The label bears what looks like an innocuous scribble, but is actually one of the most famous stretches of the Rhine. On the northern banks, the vineyards sloping towards the river grow perhaps the archetypal dry German Riesling; wines of elegance, purity and grace.

CellarHand’s family member out here is the wonderful Theresa Breuer of Rüdesheim estate Georg Breuer. The 2016 Falstaff Winemaker of the Year has teamed up with her cellarmaster Markus Lundén (a Swedish former somm and Georg Breuer fanboy who came for a stint of work 16 years ago and never left!) and Thorsten Mehrlein of Weingut Bernhard Mehrlein to bring you this super-value passport to the charms of Rheingau Riesling.

2018 Georg Breuer Riesling Venture $32

Riesling is a passion… and sharing this passion is the greatest fun! After a long collaboration and a strong exchange we have started a strong and sustainable cooperation with Weingut Bernhard Mehrlein from Oestrich-Winkel and Georg Breuer cellarmaster Markus Lundén.

First result: a Riesling cuvée that has lightness with a fine sweetness-acidity match presenting the Rheingau in best shape. The modern label shows the river Rhine, which characterises our region. Together we want to tease people and present an entrance to the world of Rheingau wines. The Riesling grapes come from three to four different villages from the region, to bring the diversity of taste into the bottle (from richer soils to the rockier parts). The fruit is whole bunch-pressed and fermented and aged in stainless steel for about eight months. The cuvée is bottled by Weingut Bernhard Mehrlein. – Theresa Breuer

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