“This is one of the best wines I’ve tried all year.” – Max Allen, Australian Financial Review

A vineyard, that once you lay your eyes on it, so clearly contains all the hallmarks of a great site. Anywhere in the world. A natural amphitheatre with undulations to hang a tapestry of varied Shiraz clonal material. Natural blocks make themselves known, both in a physical sense and then in the vinous form where each shows its own unique character. Bright, aromatic, purple, pulpy and mineral all at the same time. An iron-rich soil with outcrops of various stoney material – granite, quartz, ironstone. This farm was born to be a vineyard. Dalwhinnie has natural advantages most could only dream of.

Vintage 2020 was Julian Langworthy’s first go-to-whoa season with this incredible resource, and from it he has selected The Eagle and The Pinnacle blocks as those that stood out head and shoulders from the others. The Eagle has a string of long, fine tannins that form a frame for the density underneath, whilst The Pinnacle shows a bit more softness and sunshine. Both, though, carry that minerality that this site is famous for and that you see in the “Moonambel” Shiraz of the same vintage.

We are extremely proud at CellarHand to be able to offer to you the first chapter in Dalwhinnie’s undeniably bright future and we invite you to come along on the journey with us. Sam Hooper, CellarHand

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