The time has come for the eagerly anticipated eighth release of Julian Langworthy’s Single Vineyard wines from Nocturne. “Number 8… it’s a Chinese symbol of good luck and for any of you that ever read these notes, I talk about luck a lot” says Jules on the 2022 vintage. “That said, in the grips of spiralling inflation, interest rates, wars and the suggestion of a global recession, it’s hard sometimes to recognise, or perhaps we overlook the luck that befalls us… Wine is a tough business; however, I consider myself eternally lucky as I get to make these amazing Nocturne wines, different every year.”

“Each year I strive to make the best one ever, and it’s thanks to all of you for supporting this passion project – not just to make Margret River’s best wine, but Australia’s best wine (which in my humble opinion, makes some of the best wine in the world).”

We’re fortunate here at CellarHand that Jules has managed to secure access to enough brilliant vineyards to put a good amount of tasty goodness into bottle under the Nocturne ‘Sub Regional’ (SR) range of wines (the thirst-slaking SR Rosé being without a doubt the ‘house wine’ for many of us around the office), but it’s the Single Vineyard (SV) wines where things start to get super serious and we get to see what Jules is talking about with Margaret River producing wines that rival some of the greatest wines made anywhere in the world.  

Jules’ beloved ‘Sheoak Vineyard’ in the Yallingup Hills continues to provide the fruit for his iconic SV Cabernet. He was able to work on another cherished site, for a terrific Chardonnay parcel… the Forrest Vineyard in Willyabrup. He continues the unblemished run of being able to release a Chardonnay to compliment his benchmark Cabernet with each vintage.

“So, I guess we all need a little luck in this life, I have lucky underpants, I wear them any time I need a little extra luck, like flying in planes or drinking pinot…. Maybe more people need lucky undies, or I just need to get a number 8 embroidered on the front and share the love…” And lucky indeed, this release is better than ever, but not without a lot of hard work behind the team at Nocturne. This year’s SV8 is 100% allocated and strictly limited as ever – but worth the hype it is, this Lucky Number 8.

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