Thank you for joining Kim Chalmers for a superb dinner at KNIRD, showcasing a broad array of this trailblazing family’s wines.

The Chalmers family occupies a unique place in Australia, as visionary vine importers whose diverse and delicious wines are ahead of the curve and bang on the money.

The full range of available wines is laid out below, should you wish to explore and indulge further.

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ImageNamePriceQuantityBuyCritic Reviews
2022 Mother Block White2022 Mother Block White$24.00
2022 Mother Block Skin Contact2022 Mother Block Skin Contact$24.00
2022 Mother Block Red2022 Mother Block Red$24.00
2022 Chalmers Vermentino2022 Chalmers Vermentino$30.00
2022 Chalmers Rosato2022 Chalmers Rosato$28.00
Aglianico 63%, Nero d’Avola 20% and Sagrantino 17%. Chalmers describe this as being ‘imminently’ drinkable on their website, and with that, I thought I had better try it very soon. Red cherry, blood orange. Juicy, some powdery texture, maybe a little sweetness with a twist of Campari through red fruits, a bit of crunch to acidity and a finish of solid length, pleasing twist of bitterness to close. Nice drink. Definite Italianate character to it. - 91 points. Gary Walsh, The Wine Front, May 2023
2022 Chalmers Nero d'Avola2022 Chalmers Nero d'Avola$30.00
2022 Chalmers Dott. Prosecco2022 Chalmers Dott. Prosecco$27.00
Zesty fizz with more action through the finish/aftertaste than there is upfront. Apple and citrus flavours do most of the talking, though it feels more complex (read: exotic) than that. It's interesting in prosecco terms. It feels 100% suited to the dining table, thanks to the dry, almost smoky, salty aspect of the finish. 91 points. Campbell Mattinson, Halliday Wine Companion 22 November 2022
2022 Chalmers Dott Malvasia Istriana2022 Chalmers Dott Malvasia Istriana$33.00
This is a grippy white wine with floral and stone fruit characters aplenty, matched to cooked apple, guava and brine. It's ultra-textural, and dry with it. Length isn't a strong suit here, but that didn't stop me from wanting to hook into it with gusto, thanks to the combination of mouth-watering acidity, lively flavour and all that grip. - 90 points. Campbell Mattinson, Halliday Wine Companion.
2021 Chalmers Piedirosso2021 Chalmers Piedirosso$34.00
2021 Chalmers Greco2021 Chalmers Greco$33.00
Hand-picked fruit, whole-bunch pressed, fermented wild then aged on lees in old French puncheons. Vegan friendly. Makes quite a splash with its cheery, citrusy personality. Lively and fresh, it launches into full-on citrus blossom perfume with honeysuckle, lemon, white peach and musk. With such a warm and inviting palate led by spiced apple and pear, you start thinking about food options, it's that kind of wine. 92 points. Jeni Port, Halliday Wine Companion 2023
2021 Chalmers Fiano2021 Chalmers Fiano$40.00
2021 Chalmers Falanghina2021 Chalmers Falanghina$32.00
Wild fermented on solids in stainless steel. Another Italian grape well suited to Australia's hot and dry conditions. It's noted for its citrus-blossom aromas, and here they are in good measure alongside green apple, white peach, quince and citrus. Cuts a dry, firm presence across the palate with a touch of almond-meal creaminess, finishing tight and mighty tasty. 93 points. Jeni Port, Halliday Wine Companion 2023
2021 Chalmers Dott. Pavana2021 Chalmers Dott. Pavana$33.00
Looks the deal for early drinking with its pronounced purple-red hues and sweet plummy, black cherry and anise-spiced perfume. Tastes it, too, with summer berries, sour cherry and spice, all upfront and starring. Assertive acidity to close. - 87 points. Jeni Port, Halliday Wine Companion
2021 Chalmers Dott Ribolla Gialla2021 Chalmers Dott Ribolla Gialla$33.00
Now in 750ml bottle. Mouth-watering and textural at once. This is quite lovely. Rosewater through lime and assorted florals. The aftertaste is awash with florals and creamed honey in the most delicious of ways. Dry but giving. Yes please. - 91 points. Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front 
2021 Chalmers Aglianico Col Fondo2021 Chalmers Aglianico Col Fondo$36.00
Full of juicy strawberries, zippy acidity and a bundle of nectarines, raspberries, red apples and pomegranate exploding in the mouth. Joining the fresh fruits are some rhubarb pastries and red liquorice, which combine to deliver a really fun sparkling wine with enough depth to match with a weightier dish of seared, juicy beef, and roasted peppers, freshly cut herbs and creamy polenta. If you’re looking for an interesting, complex, sparkling for the cooler months, the Col Fondo will easily do the trick. 92 points. Curly Haslam-Coates, The Wine Front
2020 Chalmers Dott Ribolla Gialla2020 Chalmers Dott Ribolla Gialla $25.00
The Dott. series of alternative grapes brought into Australia by Chalmers is dedicated to the late Dr. Rod. Bonfiglioli, who encouraged the family in their pursuit of the new and unusual to this country. The grape grows in Friuli, Italy and Slovenia. Light straw hue. Delicate aromas of snow pea, apple, citrus and jasmine. It stretches out on the palate, extending its flavour reach to include muscat, nougat and dried pear, brought into line nicely by firm acidity. Makes a striking impression. 500ml. 92 points. Jeni Port, Halliday Wine Companion 2022
2020 Chalmers Bush Vine Negroamaro2020 Chalmers Bush Vine Negroamaro$54.00
Hand-picked fruit, destemmed, open fermented with wild yeast, left 35 days on skins. What was once a 'project' wine to test the limits of dry growing, makes it to the big time, both literally and figuratively. It makes an immediately impressive impact on the palate and in its dense colour and generosity. With ripeness turned up, it goes on the excite in vibrant plum, blackberry pastille, prune and licorice. Tannins remain firm while the palate runs long in black fruits, exotic spice with an upfront, earthy honesty. The grape of Puglia makes a big quality statement in Australia. 95 points. Jeni Port, Halliday Wine Companion 2023
2019 Chalmers Felicitas Sparkling Fiano2019 Chalmers Felicitas Sparkling Fiano$53.00
2019 Chalmers Aglianico2019 Chalmers Aglianico$43.00
"Destemmed, wild fermented, left 30 days on skins, pressed to chestnut botte. The classic southern Italian red grape is incredibly well suited to the climate and soils of Heathcote. Each vintage re-affirms that. A complex, fleshy expression of the grape is wrapped in black cherry, white pepper, allspice, dark chocolate, licorice and a gentle savouriness. A lovely depth of flavour with hints of almond nuttiness is just developing on the palate. It's going to age into a beauty." - 95 points. Jeni Port, Halliday Wine Companion
2017 Chalmers Rosato Magnum2017 Chalmers Rosato Magnum$58.00
Whole-bunch pressed (no saignee), wild yeast, 63% aglianico fermented in barrel, 33% sagrantino and 4% nero d'Avola co-fermented in stainless steel. The whole bunch pressing is reflected by the very pale pink colour, the barrel fermentation by the spicy overtones to the bouquet. The palate is dry, but juicily fruity, with an even flow of small red fruits from start to finish. One for the nerds, but also for those who know just how high Australian standards are by world comparison, thanks to our winery technology. 93 points. James Halliday, Halliday Wine Companion 
2017 Chalmers Lambrusco Appassimento 375ml2017 Chalmers Lambrusco Appassimento 375ml$48.00
The aroma and flavour of pure, rich prune and crushed, woodsy spices. It's soft, mouthfilling, well-balanced and exceptionally easy to drink. It's a curio, but a good one. The word 'pure' should be emphasised. 375ml. 93 points. Campbell Mattinson, 2020 Halliday Wine Companion
2016 Chalmers Aglianico2016 Chalmers Aglianico$43.00
Excellent. It's a wine of gravity and presence. It tastes of bright berries, florals and leathers and and when it says goodbye it shakes your hand firmly. It's not heavy but it means business. 95 points. Campbell Mattinson, Halliday Wine Companion 2020